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Cotton Gauze Diverti Shorts

$90 $185

Introducing our Diverti Shorts, where casual elegance meets eco-conscious design. These shorts are the embodiment of a relaxed summer feel, exuding comfort and style for those warm, sunny days.

Crafted from breezy organic cotton-gauze, the Diverti Shorts offer a cool texture and a loose cut that ensures you stay comfortable and chic in the heat. The elasticized waistband not only guarantees a perfect fit but also enhances the laid-back vibe. With convenient pockets and a removable waist tie, these shorts are as practical as they are stylish, making them the perfect choice for both a day at the beach and a leisurely summer evening.

What sets the Diverti Shorts apart is their eco-friendly and unique dyeing process. These shorts are dyed using a Natural Earth Pigment dye system, which harnesses mineral substances found in nature and taken from the earth to create earthy-toned hues. As a result, each pair of Diverti Shorts boasts its distinct coloration due to the handcrafted nature of the process, making every purchase a truly unique experience.

100% Cotton
Made in India

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